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What is your favorite book? List the title below and explain what makes it a great book.

Hemonaut- My favorite book is lightning thief because Percy Jackson has to train to get the master bolt(what the Greek God Zeus use) back to him before the Summer Solstice. And in this story, he also get's betrayed by a friend. Percy overcomes great challenges and defeats a Greek God! Find out which god he defeats, if he got the master bolt back to Zeus, and which friend he got betrayed by by reading this awesome BOOK!!!

Mandy-O - My favorite chapter book out of the few I have read is Ella Enchanted. It is a book about fantasy and is sort of a combination of a fairytale like Cinderella and monsters and mystical creatures. The movie was lame and cheesy even if Ann Hathaway starred in it. Don't expect it to be ANYTHING like the book!

  1. There's no freaky musical at the end.
  2. The characters are livelier.
  3. There are different stories and drama.

Ddawg- My favorite book is Twilight! In this book Bella meets this guy named Edward. She falls in love with him and later on figures out that he is a vampire.This new vampire named James wants to kill Bella. He tricks her into going to a ballet place. Read the book to find out how he TRICKED her into going and what he does to her.

smbff2 -
I COMPLETELY agree with Ddwag. My favorite book is also Twilight. It is a different kind of story, something you have never heard of. A fresh new idea that becomes a #1 bestseller. The movie is horrible!!! They not only took out many parts , but they also added parts. Also, I don't think that there is any actor that can vividly represent the characters in this book. Great Book!!! Read it!!!