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Bella - Bella is a human. She has an incredible power that allows her to block the most vampire's extra senses. (E.X.) Edward can read minds . . . but not Bella's. Her parents are divorced and currently she lives with her dad in a Forks, Washington.
Edward Cullen - Edward is a "vegetarian vampire" that can read minds. He falls in love with Bella, but is dangerous. He is looks 17, but is more than 100.
The Cullens - Edward is the youngest of a family of "vegetarian vampires". They are made up of . . . Carlisle - Dad
Esme - Mom
Edward - Brother
Alice - Sister
Rosalie - Sister
Jasper - Brother
Emmet - Brother
(By vegetarian vampires, I mean that instead of sucking human blood, they suck animal blood. They can't live off of plants

James- James is a bad vampire that likes killing humans. He wants to kill Bella. He tricks Her into going to a ballet studio.The Cullens and James have a fight and the Cullens win.