Main Characters:

Rob Horton-The boy who went through the woods and found the tiger.

Sistine Bailey- A girl who is going to Rob's school for a week. Then she'll move.

Rob's Father- Rob's Father works at the Kentuky Star Hotel.

Norton and Billy Threemonger- Bullies at Rob's school.

Willie May- The Ketucky's star housekeeper.

Beauchamp- The owner of the Kentucky star motel.

Setting: So far the main setting is Florida.

Summary:Beginning-Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning, twelve-year-old Rob Horton is shocked to find a tiger. On the same day, he meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows her feelings as Rob hides his.

Problems/Solutions:One of the problems is that Rob's legs are in very bad condition, and the parents of the students are concerned that it may be contagious. The solution to this problem is that he is suspended until his legs clear up.