Write Your Favorite Part of This Book:
My favorite part of this book was whenever Anne is on the verge of being found by the soldiers. The excitement was building up in my heart. I can't believe that they weren't found after they knocked on the bookshelf. My hypothesis was that it was over for Anne and her roomates. But Anne surprised me, as she has done with her writing skills and other areas. It was incredible how many times they were robbed, but not discovered.

The Diary Of Anne Frank is the exact same thing as the title. It is a diary of a 13 - year old girl named Anne who has to live a teenage life behind a bookshelf. Anne has to face every excitement and terror of being between adult and kid; And even more than that. Hitler (a german dictator) won't let any Jews live peacefully. They must all be ratted out and sent to concentration camps. So Anne's family stay at a Christian's work office where they can't move more than a new born puppy can. And if they are found, it is technically a sign that they're dead. Read the book to see if Anne and her family make it through.