Main Characters:

The main characters are Jay Berry, Grandpa, Rowdy, the monkeys,and daisy

JAY BERRY - Jay is a 14 year old, adventerous boy, who wants to help his family by catching notorious circus monkeys and gaining a reward for doing so.

GRANDPA - Jay Berry's grandfather is extremely loving and nice. He assists the Berry family in their times of need and helps Jay capture the monkeys.

ROWDY - Rowdy is the dog of Jay Berry who is always with Jay.

THE MONKEYS - The monkeys are former circus performers who are leader by the smart chimpanzee. They are each worth $2 each besides the chimp which is $100. They are real smart. They will give Jay and his family a summer to remember.


The setting is in Oklahoma, back in the 1800s. Jay Berry and his family (including his dog, Rowdy) live on a farm not that far away from Jay's grandfather's shop. Behind their house is a forest that they call The Bottoms. It is summer.


Jay Berry comes from a family that doesn't always have what they want. Now he finally gets the chance to make some dreams come true, and all he has to do is catch a group of mischievous circus monkeys led by a smart chimp. The monkeys get Jay, grandfather, Rowdy and the whole family into situations not as normal as you think. Will Jay fullfill his dreams or fill the monkeys stomachs?


Jay has to catch a band of notorious monkeys in order to save his sisters leg and fulfill his wishes. But, the monkeys are clever and stop his evergrowing plans. Now Jay has to make a plan that actually will work.