Main Characters:

The main characters in this story are Karana and her brother Ramo. Karana is a twelve-year-old girl with a six-year-old brother and an older sister named Ulape. Her father is the tripe's chief. His name is Cheif Chowig.


The setting is at a rocky island far off the coast of California called Island of the Blue Dolphins. The island looks like a big fish sunning itself in the sea and there are numerous seacreatures amoung it.



The problem is that Karana is left behind on the island with her brother who was the main reason to why Karana was left behind. He forgot his fishing spear and went back to get it but the others were already leaving when he returned. So Karana decided that she did not want to leave her brother behind so she jumped in the water and stayed on the Island of the Blue Dolphins with him. Later he dies and Karana must live on the island all be herself for many years.